Friday, 22 June 2012


It was a very different Friday for some of the Sigavou Studios team this week!  We had great fun painting about 150 eager young faces at the annual Nadi Airport School Athletics Day!  Rallying in support of this much anticipated event at my daughter's school, we enjoyed bright sunshine, contagious excitement, and loud cheering as each of four "Houses" competed for the best medal tally.  Quick and easy team stripes were what most children wanted, while others opted for trendy tattoo-inspired designs.  Butterflies were in high demand too, and we found out that Spiderman never seems to grow too old when it comes to choosing a role-model to emulate!

Here are a few snaps taken when I occasionally remembered to put down my brush and take out the camera:

Worn out with all the Sports Day excitement, this little onlooker took an impromptu nap at our face-painting table!

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