Thursday, 26 January 2012


This has been the week of THE FLOOD!  It rained all Sunday night, and by morning the power was cut, and our road was submerged under a meter of water at the lowest places.  The Nadi River, just a cane field or two away from our neighborhood,  had broken its banks, and brown, swirling water was backing up through large areas of the river plain, causing havoc in countless homes and farmsteads,  and surging through the shopping precinct of Nadi Town.  Our home is on a small rise; thankfully the water did not get as far as our yard.  But it rained almost non-stop for the next two days, turning several areas of Fiji's main island into national disaster zones. Many families around us have lost the contents of their home and the crops in their fields.

Here are a few photos taken in our neighbourhood during the three-day flood:

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