Sunday, 8 January 2012

Fresh Fruit Day

Three of the banana trees in our garden are bearing fruit at the moment.  One of the bunches was ripe enough to pick today - if we'd left it out much longer, the bulbul birds would have hollowed out all the fruit!  The green bananas that are not ripe enough to eat will remain on the thick stem.  This will be wrapped in a sack and hung from the rafters of our porch, so the fruit can ripen in its own time, away from the bats and the bulbuls...

Yet more fresh fruit came our way today:  our neighbour handed us bag of huge avocados he had just picked from the tree in his yard!  One of my favourite tropical fruits - I love eating them with a little lemon juice, salt, and pepper - or tossing chunks of avocado into a garden salad!


  1. mmmm, the avocado's look wonderful! Home grown and 100% organic!

  2. Wish we could share them with you!!!