Tuesday, 17 February 2015


This is "Island Afternoon" - painted on silk, using silk dyes with metallic gold resist for the lines.  The size of the painting itself is 50 x 90 cm.  I've had it framed with lovely, dark-brown, textured molding, bringing the framed size to about 70 x 110 cm.

Here are some musings on this piece:

This painting celebrates the turquoise and golden
moments of an afternoon at the beach: a languid snorkel
along colourful reefs,  surrounded by schools of fish and coral,
with the occasional shark to liven things up...
Lulled by the rhythm of the waves, we relax under a frangipani tree
in the gentle glow of the late afternoon sunshine,
with freshly-squeezed fruit drinks or a bilo of kava (note the yaqona roots).
The seven-lobed cassava leaf and ripe coconut feature repeatedly
in my artwork as symbols of island sustenance,
the bonds with nature that keep
Fijian communities strong and well-nourished.

This painting is currently for sale. (If you are not based in Fiji you may want to purchase just the artwork - we can take it out of the frame for easy shipping if need be...)  Contact us by email: sigavou@connect.com.fj for details.

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